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Product Description


PT Zahir Internasional tries as best as possible but does not guarantee that product descriptions, services, or other content from this website are accurate, complete, reliable, current, or error-free.




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The selling price in effect is the price offered at that time. Prices listed on this website may change at any time without prior notice.


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Privacy Policy

PT Zahir Internasional through this website only collects such information as is necessary to conduct business with you. You can find out what information is collected and how we use your information to communicate with you. We will only collect information in a lawful and fair manner and not in an intrusive manner.

PT Zahir Internasional and service providers will only use your personal or business information to:

  • identify you as the owner of Zahir products and to provide better customer service to you, your business partners and employees,
  • running business together with us as it relates to you as a business partner,
  • provide you with information about Zahir products and services and relevant business partners, and
  • fulfill statutory and other regulatory obligations.

Aggregate data that does not contain information specific to a particular person or business may be shared with our business partners, for example collected for statistical trend analysis in certain industry sectors.


Security Policy


You are aware that by using this website, the information you submit to this website may be used/accessed by us and third parties. To prevent data access by unauthorized parties, PT Zahir Internasional is always committed to maintaining website security using the latest electronic technology. However, PT Zahir Internasional is not responsible for any losses you experience to the information you submit to the website that occur outside PT Zahir Internasional’s control, such as weak security of the computer device (including other electronic devices) that you use, making it vulnerable to accidents. cyber crime.

Security guarantees provided by third parties who have collaborated with PT Zahir Internasional for online transactions that you carry out include online purchases of Zahir products which require your personal information and/or information associated with your company regarding the data you provide for the purpose of Online transactions on this website are the sole responsibility of the cooperation partner PT Zahir Internasional.




PT Zahir Internasional is not responsible for any damages whether special, indirect, consequential or resulting from loss of use of data or profits, whether due to negligence or other actions, arising in connection with the use of software performance, documentation or information available on website.

The documents published on this website may contain minor technical errors or typographical errors. The information presented on this website may change periodically and PT Zahir Internasional can make corrections and/or changes to the products, programs and/or documentation described at any time without prior notification.

Feedback and Information


Any feedback you provide on this website is considered non-confidential. PT Zahir Internasional can freely use this information unlimitedly while still referring to PT Zahir Internasional’s business ethics.

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