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87.5% CEO and business owners believe that using technology like ZahirERP has a positive correlation with the sustainability of the company in the next 10 years.


100% CEO and business owners agree that ZahirERP application enhances productivity, efficiency, and company profitability by 50 to 100%.


100% The COO states that ZahirERP supports company operations to adapt to any conditions.

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Daily Operational

Facilitate you in managing integrated information and function in planning, reporting, and controlling all company activities from pre-sales to after-sales. Assist you in categorizing potential customers and nurturing good relationships with existing customers while providing the best service to clients.


Assist you in fulfilling company needs, starting from managing supplier data, supplier categorization, categorizing goods/services to be purchased, evaluating suppliers, goods/services purchased, and helping you manage expenditure costs more efficiently.

Big Data & Business Intelligence Reports

With a user-friendly and customizable dashboard, you can easily make informed and accurate strategic decisions for the future of your business. You can also effortlessly manage business data management to meet historical data and information needs.

Onboarding, Labour Management Payroll

The employee data process in your company will become more efficient, starting from new employee onboarding to resignation. Calculating salaries, taxes, leave, attendance records, reimbursements, and other activities will become easier.


Facilitate you in managing company finances, including cash flow management, financial report generation, bank reconciliation, and more.

Real time Project Collaboration & Monitoring

All company projects will be securely controlled, and it will facilitate you in task distribution, project budget management, and regular project reporting.

Profesional Service, Manufacturing, Wholesale Distribution

Easily organize and monitor all production activities of your company, whether centralized or at branches. You can save time in overseeing all production activities periodically.

Product Development Planning and Control

Integrating your entire supply chain into a single, unified platform can reduce inventory days by up to 12%, minimize stockouts, and result in additional cost savings in logistics.


The warehouse management process will ensure the quality and quantity, starting from receiving, storage, maintenance, distribution, control, disposal, reporting, and maintenance of logistics equipment.

Integeration (API)

Availability of cloud services and maintenance, operator resources, and integration with quality-assured applications.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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ZahirERP is online accounting software that utilizes cloud computing methods, allowing business management between branches anytime and anywhere simultaneously (concurrent).

ZahirERP is an online accounting software utilizing cloud computing methods, enabling concurrent business management across branches anytime and anywhere.

You can contact the Zahir ERP expert team for a presentation at 021-7197766 or at +62 811-908-018.

PC or laptop:

Processor – Intel(R) Core(TM) i3
RAM – 4 Gigabytes (GB) RAM
Hard Disk – Available 20 Gigabytes (GB)
Display Size – 1366 x 768
Internet Speed 32 Mbps, downlink up to 5 Mbps, U

Recommended to use Google Chrome.

The Zahir ERP database can be hosted on a dedicated server or on a third-party server, and currently, Zahir ERP collaborates with Amazon Web Services (AWS), which is trusted by thousands of global companies for data security assurance.

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